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  • Unidad 1: Language variation and change

     Synchronic variation and diachronic change.

     Causes of linguistic change.

     Phonological, morphological, syntactic, lexical, and semantic processes of change.

     Regional and social variation in England. Standard and non-standard varieties.


  • Unidad 2: The world spread of English.

     Language contact.

     English in the British Isles: Ireland and Scotland.

     Beyond the British Isles: English in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South   Africa.


  • Unidad 3: The origins of the English language. Old English

      The Germanic family of languages.

      The Germanic Conquest. Dialects of Old English.

      Main characteristics of Old English.

      Language contact situations in Old English.


  • Unidad 4:  Middle English

      The Norman Conquest. Linguistic effects.

      Relative position of English and French in the Middle Ages.

      Changes in the language during the medieval period.

      The rise of a standard.


  • Unidad 5: Modern English

      The Renaissance. Characteristics of English during this period.

      Views on the state of the language in the XVIII century.

      Language as a mirror of progress in the XIX century.

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